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dolphin watching in oman

dolphin watching in oman

dolphin watching in oman
dolphin watching in oman

dolphin watching in oman

Come and experience the wonderful world of Dolphin watching in Oman and make your exploratory dreams come true! Holiday Dolphin tour is the most amazing package to feel the rhythm of sea waves while watching glimmering waters. Watching dynamic chillers of Dolphins often adds a lace of ecstasy to Dolphin tours in Oman.

Whale and Dolphin tour Oman aids you to discover the escapades of this Arabian land in vibrant colors. It will be a timeless experience for your family to try our elite Dolphin watching Oman trip which packs up the creative soul of sea adventure. The common types of Dolphins found in this area include Spinner dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Rissos dolphins and 21 diverse kinds of dolphins.

The sparkling waters around Muscat are packed with all-embracing rich marine life and dolphins are habitually an accustomed sight in this area. Dolphins pave way for a memorable holiday in Muscat with catchy gestures and swim around in quest of sardines, mackerels and tuna. A pool of dolphin is a splendid scene that buzzes spectators.

dolphin watching in oman

With experienced and qualified staff, Coral Ocean Tours LLC takes you directly to the finest feeding spots to feel the candid kernel of dolphin watching in oman


The types of dolphins that typically visit Oman are:

  • Indian Ocean Dolphins,
  • the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins,
  • Russo’s Dolphins,
  • Common Bottle Nose Dolphins,
  • Indo-Pacific Bottle Nose Dolphins,
  • Rough-toothed Dolphins,
  • Pantropical Spotted Dolphins,
  • Striped Dolphins,
  • Spinner Dolphins, and
  • Long-Beaked Common Dolphins.


  • Timings:      First trip start at 08:00 AM (Duration 2 hours) / Second trip start at 10:00 AM (Duration 2 hours)
  • Price:          OMR 15 per adult / OMR 7.5 child under 10 years / child under 3 years free of charge.
  • Included:    Water, Soft drinks, Frist Aid Kit, Lifejacket, Boat Skipper.



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