How to make your eyes expressive

Draw arrows! But not in black pencil. Makeup artists advise getting rid of the black liner – a dark color visually diminishes the eyes, and recommend opting for blue or brown. After you have drawn the arrows, add a glow – apply pearlescent white shadows to the inner corners of the eye. When you paint your eyelashes, try to direct them to the outer edge of the eye, and not straight up. So the eyes will appear more expressive, plus they will visually be more elongated, and not round.

How to hide redness

Red spots on the face spoil the whole look! Cover them up with concealer. Just do not apply it with your fingers – this way you will not “paint over” the redness as delicately and accurately as with a thin brush. Apply concealer and wait five minutes for it to “sit down” – what if you need another layer?

How to make eyelashes thicker

Take eyeliner, kayal or eyeliner and mark small dots along the contour of the eyelids, as close to the lashes as possible. This technique visually increases the number of eyelashes several times.

How to hide puffiness under the eyes

You take a concealer a couple of tones lighter than your skin and apply it just below the edema, blend it. Tint the edema itself with a tone darker than usual. And on top, apply powder with reflective particles to even out the overall complexion. This is best done with a wide puff.

How to “grow” eyelashes

To achieve long lashes, use a curler before dyeing. In addition, tongs can be heated under hot water. This will ensure high-quality curling and keep the shape of the eyelashes for a long time.

How to visually make a nose

First of all, smooth the skin with foundation, work on the nose and nasolabial folds. Then take a highlighter and highlight the “back” of the nose: draw a line from the bridge of the nose to the tip. Darken the “side wings” of the nose with bronzing powder. And remember: everything that you darken becomes visually smaller, and everything that you highlight becomes larger.

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How to make your eyebrows thicker and wider

If you can’t paint over your eyebrows with a pencil or eyebrow shadow, try using a tinting gel, which is available in most decorative brands. The gel has a transparent texture, it gives the eyebrows a natural tone and lifts the hairs, thereby creating volume. 

How to add volume to your lips

You will need a moisturizing lip balm and a shimmer. First, put some balm on your fingertip, place it on the shimmer and apply it in the dimple above your upper lip. So you “highlight” the skin area and visually enlarge the lips. Finish up with a glossy lipstick and top with a shimmery lip gloss for even more volume.

How to highlight cheekbones

Use a highlighter and bronzing powder two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Pull in your cheeks and apply powder to the sunken parts. Now smile broadly and apply the highlighter to the apples of your cheeks. We recommend doing make-up in daylight to avoid stains and streaks.

How to make “eyes in the haze”

For the perfect smoky ice, draw a mesh on the outer eyelid with a well-sharpened pencil and then blend the lines with it.

How to make your forehead narrower and smaller

Take a voluminous, fluffy brush for applying powder and the product itself is a darker skin tone. Take the powder onto the brush, gently shake it off, as professional make-up artists do, so that the pigments lay down evenly, and lightly walk along the hairline.



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