Health issues

Health issues

The Health Services Act provides for the basic organization of health services in the country. The aim of the law is that all Icelanders have access to the most advanced health services that are available at any given time to protect mental, physical and social health in accordance with those laws, the Social Security Act, the Patients’ Rights Act and other laws as applicable. .

The law is intended to ensure the Minister’s policy-making role as well as its adequate authority at any given time to implement its policy on the organization of health services, prioritization of tasks within it, efficiency, quality and security of the service and access to it.

Health care shall be provided at the appropriate level of service and health care shall, as a rule, be the first point of contact for patients. The country is divided into health districts according to the regulation on health districts . In each health district, there is a health institution or health institutions that provide general health services in the district. Despite the division of the country into health districts, patients should always have the right to go to the health center or health institution that is easiest for them to reach at any given time.

Health institutions that provide general health services in each district are required by law to co-operate in the organization of health services in the area in question, and one or more health institutions shall be operated in each health district.

According to the Act on the Medical Director of Health and Public Health , the Office of the Medical Director of Health is operated with the aim of ensuring the quality of health services and promoting the health of the people. The Medical Director of Health shall monitor health services in the country, work on quality development within health services, collect and process information on health and health services and deal with public complaints about health services. 


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