How to take care of your skin to keep it young

How to take care of your skin to keep it young

There are more and more jars that promise to make your skin silky and velvety, and it is easy to get lost in them. There are actually two categories of skin care: essential and optional. The necessary care is aimed at problem skin (rosacea, acne, dermatitis, rosacea, etc.), and the optional one has an exclusively aesthetic basis.

As you know, there are four types of skin: DRY, NORMAL, COMBINATION AND OILY. But no matter what type yours is, you must:

To cleanse

You need to cleanse the skin thoroughly, but gently, without using any aggressive scrubs that scratch the skin. First you need to rinse off your makeup with a makeup remover. You can do this with just water, but better with a sponge, napkin or damp towel to slightly exfoliate the skin. Then you need to thoroughly cleanse your face with a suitable cleanser and rinse off the remnants of the product with warm water.


Moisturizing is essential for any skin in any climate and is part of basic skin care. A moisturizer should be used twice a day – morning and evening. You shouldn’t apply a lot of it, but also regret it: use such an amount that the cream is easily distributed over the skin and is quickly absorbed.

“Moisturizing cream is one of the basics of skincare, it makes the skin pleasant to the touch and helps it better protect itself. Moisturization can be different, so you need to select a cream depending on the type of skin: for oily skin you need lighter textures, and for dry – denser “

Protect from the sun

It is believed that sunscreen should be applied all year round. This is true, but they must be used with an eye to the ultraviolet index (UUV). For reference: low FIF – 1-2, medium – 3-5, high – 6-7, very high – 8-10, extreme – above 11. You can find out about FFI on weather sites, looking at the forecast for your region. If it exceeds the 4 mark, feel free to smear with cream. 

The cream is necessary in order to reduce the intensity of penetration of ultraviolet rays into the skin and, therefore, to protect it from aging. By the way, don’t skimp on buying a large bottle of sunscreen. Remember that it must be applied in a thick layer: on the face and neck about 5-7 ml, and on the body – 15-25 ml of cream.

How to care for your body

If most people treat the face more or less responsibly and take care of it, then the body is usually forgotten. And in vain. The skin of the body is, of course, different from the skin of the face (it is less sensitive, and there are practically no sebaceous glands in it below the level of the breast), but care for it should also be thoughtful. It consists of the same three steps: cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection.

For cleansing, choose mild body products, such as gentle gels containing oils. Do not shower with too hot water. The higher the water temperature, the better the protective fats are washed off the skin and the skin dries faster. Yes, and try to do without a washcloth. Some people like very hard washcloths, they exfoliate the skin too much. In addition, not a single sponge dries out completely, which means that a huge number of bacteria accumulate on it.

You can moisturize your body with any means suitable for this. They contain water-retaining components that attract and retain moisture in the upper layers of the epidermis, create a protective film and are responsible for keeping the skin soft and elastic.

“Body creams are a simple thing. Nobody makes serious demands on them, they should just moisturize. Of course, in addition to creams, there are also gels, lotions, milk, balms. But the essence is the same for all “

And do not forget to apply sunscreen on exposed areas of the body in the summer season: excess UV light ages not only the skin of the face, but also the skin of the body.

The differences in care in summer and winter

In cold winter, you want to wrap up not only the body, but also the face more tightly. It seems that if you smear yourself with a thick cream and cover your face with a scarf, we will save him from frost, but a lighter cream will create a feeling of “bare skin”. But this is rather psychosomatics.

“In winter, there is no need to be coated with a very greasy cream such as petroleum jelly or lard: a high-quality dense oil-in-water cream protects the skin just as well. In addition, such a cream contains many other useful ingredients that remove redness, have a lifting effect, etc. “


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