If you’ve ever followed a diet, you know that the hardest part of this business is not to go back to where you started. French nutritionist Pierre Ducan, according to whose method more than a million people around the world have lost weight and whose book “I Can’t Lose Weight” has become a world bestseller, claims that losing weight and never gaining excess weight is easy. During Pierre’s visit to Nizhny Novgorod, we were able to ask him a few questions about his method.


– Pierre, tell us about the essence of your program?

Pierre Ducan:My diet consists of 4 stages. The first stage – the shortest and most effective – lasts from 3 to 10 days. During this period, you can consume 72 foods that are rich in proteins and drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. This is lean meat, various types of fish, poultry, any seafood. The second stage is called “Alternation”. During this period, you add 28 permitted types of vegetables to lean meats. It is imperative to stick to this diet until you reach your correct weight. In the third stage of “Fixing” you continue to eat permitted meat and vegetables, and every day you can eat 2 fruits, 2 slices of whole grain bread, 40 gr. cheese. Twice a week it is allowed to eat 200 gr. starchy foods (beans, pasta) and two “gala meals” (any appetizer, main course, dessert and 1 glass of wine). This stage lasts 10 days per kilogram of weight. This is followed by the stage of “Stabilization”, which must be followed in order not to gain weight again.

– What is the uniqueness of your food system?

Pierre Ducan: My diet is quite gentle: I do not limit my patients in the amount of servings, you can also eat at any time of the day. Over the 14 years of my method, no other diet has adopted one of the main achievements of my system – the ability to maintain weight and not gain it again. These are the final stages, which are called “Fixing” and “Stabilization”. At the stage of “Stabilization” there are only 3 rules that must be followed. First, be sure to spend 1 protein day a week (that is, eat only dietary meat), the second rule is to walk 20 minutes a day and climb any stairs only on foot, and finally, the third – 3 tablespoons of oat bran a day.

– Many women now strive to be as thin as possible. Tell me how to determine your ideal weight?

Pierre Dukan Correct weight is a very complex concept. I define it as a weight that we can easily achieve and that we can support. The standard calculation formulas are based on only two indicators – your weight and height, they do not take into account your age, gender, minimum and maximum weight that has ever been reached, nor the number of pregnancies, nor bone thickness. I have a Russian-language website dukan.ru, where you can calculate your ideal weight for free, taking into account all these indicators.


– Pierre, a prerequisite for losing weight according to your system is daily walking. What else would you recommend doing to stay in great shape?

Pierre Dukan: Walking is the most natural form of physical activity for humans. When you are on a diet, you should not do physical exercise, which will take a lot of your energy. Walking will put the necessary stress on your muscles and not make you feel hungry, and it also promotes the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. Walking can be replaced by 30 minutes of swimming or dancing. Dancing is the best form of exercise because when you dance you are wasting calories, expressing yourself and doing it in a very aesthetic way.

– How do you personally keep yourself in great shape?

Pierre Ducan: I follow my diet. I get myself one protein day a week and run 25 minutes every day. These simple rules allow me to always be in great shape!


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