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XpatIndian.com is an information portal that caters to the expatriate community in GCC. The website is looking at itself as an information warehouse that houses all public information that will be useful to the expat community.

The portal intends to provide up-to-date information for expatriates on areas such as social life, health care, school news, insurance, housing loans, careers, embassy information etcThe portal will also be syndicating informative articles from a number of news agencies and will be producing daily news and message boards from its editors.

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Xpatindian syndicates informative articles from a number of news agencies and produces dozens of news stories daily from its editors. The website targets traffic from search engines as well as thousands of regular readers, especially expatriates readers from gulf countries.

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Xpatindian.com syndicates information which is useful for expatriates of gulf countries from other agencies as well as publishes own content.

Stories from different associations and organizations, For these stories, we have the rights to publish on our website only. If you want to use their material, kindly contact the respective agencies and organizations. Stories beginning with Xpatindian.com is exclusive to Xpatindian.com . We allow using our content so long as the following conditions are met.

  •  No more than 20% of the content should be lifted.
  •  The source should be credit as Xpatindian.com .
  •  A link back to the original story is compulsory. The link should not be not followed or redirected. In case of usage in print, the whole URL or a shortened URL should be printed.

If you require additional privileges, contact copyrights@Xpatindian.com for permission

Our Story:

How one man’s endless wait for his son’s birth certificate in the Muscat planted the seedfor a comprehensive online resource for expats? Xpatindian.com

The idea of XpatIndian.com was born out of one man’s endless wait for his child birth certificate in the Oman. This incident planted the seed for coming up with a comprehensive online resource for expats in who working across GCC.

The full story goes as follows;

An Indian expatriate lost his son’s birth certificate and he did not know how to get new birth certificate for the new born. He had to go around for more than a six months to get birth certificate for his baby. Is it that difficult to re issue a birth certificate in Oman? No, all relevant information on how to get a birth certificate is available and people who have been living in Oman are aware of it. But what about someone new in the country and someone who does not know the local language, yes it is difficult. This incident conceived the idea of setting up an information directory in English by March 2014.

An in depth analysis was done by the Xpatindian.com team on what kind of information will be put up so that it benefit the community at large. After an exhaustive gathering of data from various sources, the data were uploaded on to the website.The site was launched as Xpatindian.com in Muscat on March 2014.

The Xpatindian.com Team

Xpatindian.com content has always been produced and managed by expatriates for expatriates. Currently the Expatinfomart.com team includes senior lawyer, Social workers, Finance consultant, Insurance consultant, Education Consultant, property Consultant.

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