If you are not provided with a company accomodation as per the offer made by your company, you have to find one yourselves within a month or two of your arrival in the Sultanate.  This is not a difficult thing as there are houses on rent available and the rents vary according to the location in Muscat and outside the capital.

With a large number of foreigners preferring to work in Muscat, rents are fairly steep in the capital. You have to pay a month’s advance and also sign an agreement with the house owner to get a flat or part of a villa on rent. Water and electricity charges are payable according to your usage and have to be paid monthly. Cooking gas is easily available and is delivered at your doorsteps within an hour of calling the local supplier.

Hygiene is of utmost importance in the country and all kitchen waste has to be disposed of at the nearest municipality waste bin kept by the roadside between 4 pm and 12 midnight in Muscat.

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