The employer or sponsor will deposit the visa at the visa counter in Muscat International Airport and send you a copy of the visa and the visa receipt from Muscat International Airport visa deposit counter. Please keep this safely.

If your sponsor sends you the travel tickets (an e-ticket) you just need to ensure that your ticket is booked in the website by entering the PNR status. Or if you have to pay for your ticket show the visa at the travel agency to book your ticket. Do book as soon as possible and possibly on a week day (not Friday or Saturday) to get a better deal, cheaper rate.

You have to check in 3 hours before the departure of the flight. Keep your ticket and passport ready when you enter the airport. Your copy of the visa and the visa receipt should also be at hand. Air India now insists that your visa is available in their database before they let you travel.

Also, keep a pen handy to complete the immigration form.

Please pack only necessary items so that you do not exceed the weight limit allowed by the airlines. If it exceeds you have to pay for each extra kg which is not advisable.

If you need to bring any medicines along with you to Oman, it is necessary to have the doctor’s prescription with you. Please avoid keeping the medicine in your hand baggage.

After your luggage is checked in you have to proceed to the immigration clearance and security check. Please follow instructions and do not take anything that may hold up your security check and delay your travel.

After you disembark at the Muscat International Airport proceed to the Visa counter and collect your visa. Then you have to approach the emigration clearance where your visa is stamped.

In a latest move, all expatriates arriving in the Sultanate with a working visa, have to do the iris scan and finger printing at the airport.

Being an Islamic country, alcohol is not easily available in the country and is forbidden during the one month fasting period before Eid.

Regarding the dress you wear, it would be appropriate if you wear shirt and trousers. Wearing a dhoti can get you into trouble with the airport security who will insist that you wear a trouser.

Your sponsor may send someone to pick you up and drop you at the temporary accommodation provided for you.

Or else you could hire a taxi to take you to your destination if it is in Muscat. To proceed to other parts of the country, you have to take a bus from either Ruwi or Rusayal.

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